How Much Capacity Can You Afford?

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How Much Capacity Can You Afford?

If you have Sony or Olympus/Fuji, you're pretty much stuck with their propietary card technologies. Otherwise, you're in the more wide-open world of standardized cards: CF and SD. And you already know that the included card isn't going to be enough to fill your needs, so you're thinking about shopping for an upgrade. When looking for a standardized card for your DSLR, here are a few shopping tips:

* Buy the right card: You need to know the difference between CF and SD and what your camera takes.

* Buy the most capacity you can: It's better to have capacity and not need it than to need capacity and not have it. Buy at least 1 GB.

* All cards are not created equal: Once you know what type of card you need and how much capacity you want, you need to have a basic idea of what brands get better reviews for speed and reliability. Stay with the big names in storage whenever you can.



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