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Options For Digital Card Readers

If you're thinking about getting a digital card reader, your main concern is going to be getting one that works with your digital storage card -- CF, SD or Memory Stick. in this case, you have two options:
A single digital storage card reader, which currently retails for around $20, or pay a little more and get one that reads multiple types of digital storage cards. A multi-card reader is more versatile, but digital card readers are generally will result in more long-term benefits.


Hub of the Card Reader Universe

It's the curse of the gadget hound -- you have an iPod, a DSLR, a Treo and a digital video camera. But no central place for connecting everything. You end up storing music on your hard drive, and your digital videos on an expansion hard drive. You also send some photos directly to the printer. Still you need to hook everything up to work together.
Consider a hub with a built-in digital storage card reader. You can purchase a hub with six USB ports and a 12-in-1 card reader. This will allow you to pop in a mini-SD card from the Treo, a CF or SD card from your camera, etc., and then direct them all to your peripherals through the USB connections.


Consider a Built-In Card Reader

If you're in the market for a new computer, look for one that has a multi-card reader built in. Since the digital storage card reader is built into the front of your desktop or laptop, it makes downloads and usage more convenient. Of course, you still need to make sure that the digital storage card reader reads your specific card format -- most are fine with CF I and II, SD, MMC and Memory Stick formats. It can be tougher to find one that reads xD or older format cards.

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