Firewire Options: All Macs and some PCs

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Firewire Options: All Macs and some PCs

So Firewire is faster. That's not going to help you much unless you have two things: a firewire port on your PC and a firewire hard drive.

If you've got a Mac, you may be in luck. But Firewire ports on a PC are still not standard on all models. If you don't have a Firewire port on your PC, you can install one by adding a Firewire PCI Card.

There are plenty of Firewire hard drives out there today. You can get them for about the same price per GB of storage as the USB-enabled hard drives.

Bottom line: Firewire is faster and if fast response times are important to you, consider a Firewire-enabled external hard drive.



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