Removeable Media: Infinite Possibilities

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Removeable Media: Infinite Possibilities

Ever since there have been personal computers, there has also been some sort of removeable media compontent. First it was floppy disks, then CD-ROMs, Zip drives, Minidiscs and now rewriteable DVDs and memory cards. Does your computer need additional storage options using removeable media? It depends on your needs. But given the ease of use and low cost of some of these new options, it's probably not a bad idea to upgrade. Here's a rundown of removeable media storage options:

CD-ROMs: Pretty much on their way out, replaced by writeable/rewritable DVDs, which hold a lot more information. But if you like to make music CDs for the car, you'll still need one

DVD-ROMs: The new standard in removeable media. DVDs have so much more storage capacity that they give consumers many more options for use.

Minidisc: Cult favorite, esepcially with musicians, journalists and anyone else who wants solid field recording capabilities. The new generation of portable player/recorders links up via a USB drive and acts as an alternative hard drive. So you can drag and drop files easily.

USB flash drive: Small portable digital storage in a package the size of your thumb. Can get up to 2 GB of storage space. Links through standard USB terminals.

Memory cards: Many computers now offer memory card reader, to allow direct drag-and-drop capabilities from compact flash cards, secure digital cards and Sony memory stick cards. This is best used to transfer files from cameras, PDAs and other peripherals.



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