Mac vs. PC

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Mac vs. PC

We could argue all day about Mac vs. PC. Everyone has their favorites. There are more PCs on the market, but Mac users are a vocal and powerful cult. So which one is better in terms of storage and memory capacity?
Let's look at the Power PC G5 vs. Dell's top-of-the-line XPS600:

g5: 250GB serial ATA hard drive, dual core 2.3GHZ processor and 1.15 GHz front-side bus per processor.
Dell XPS600: 160GB serial ATA drive, with the option to go to 500 GB or a 1TB RAID system with two 500 GB drives; 3.46 Ghz dual-core processor and 800 Mhz front-side bus.
Looks like you could make an argument for either side. The Dell has a faster processor, but a smaller standard hard drive and lower bus speed. Apple has the lower clock speed but faster bus.
You really couldn't go wrong with either of them. It's really a matter of what you want to use it for and your personal preference. Graphics people want their Macs, while business users and gamers are in the PC camp.



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