Buying a memory card for your Smartphone

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Buying a memory card for your Smartphone

You have two things to think about when buying a memory card for your smartphone. First, which type of card does your smartphone take? Second, how much capacity do you need or want?

First, the type. You don't really have much choice here. Your cell phone manufacturer has decided whether your phone will work with compactflash, SD or Memory Stick expansion cards. Generally, Pocket PC phones use compact flash, while Palm phones use SD and Sony Ericsson use Memory Stick. Check your manufacturer for details.

Second, the capacity. Think about what you are trying to accomplishby adding memory to the smartphone. Do you want to take and carry photos? MP3s, extra programs for the PDA? ALl of these and more? Here's a quick guide as to how much you can get on different sized cards:

* 500MB holds 500 4MPixel photos, 128 songs, 45 min of VGA video.

* 1GB holds 1000 4MPixel photos, 250 songs, 1.5 hrs of MPEG-4 video.

* 10GB holds 2500 songs, 15 hrs of MPEG-4, 4.8 hrs of DVD video.

Bottom line: If you can afford it, go for the biggest capacity memory card you can purchase. It's better to have too much space than not enough when you need it.



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