Everyone Likes Convenience

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Everyone Likes Convenience

As external storage becomes less expensive and more powerful at the same time, the biggest difference for consumers will be convenience. First, you'll really never worry again about ever filling your internal or external hard drive. Second, you'll be able to stop using standard compression techniques for your photos, music and video online. Record it all in raw format and don't worry about taking up 5-10 MB per photo or song. Then decide which songs you're going to take with you on your iPod or portable hard drive, which by then will itself have doubled or tripled capacity, thanks to new technology. You've seen the explosion of portable music following the iPod and its portable hard drive, and the TIVO/DVR revolution on TV. Those explosions will continue to reverberate, as virtually all data becomes portable, not matter how big the files are. Imagine taking all of your music, photos, video and business files with you everywhere in a jump drive or tricked-out iPod. It's going to happen sooner than you think.



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