External Hard Drives: Best Solution for Permanent Upgrade

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External Hard Drives: Best Solution for Permanent Upgrade

If you're looking at an external hard drive to expand your digital storage capability, you have two options:

A desktop external hard drive -- These are available in configurations of up to 500MB, or more if bundled together. Prices are reasonable, running from under $100 to about $500 for most desktop models. You can get either a USB hard drive, or one with a Firewire port (or both). This is your best solution to permanently expand your storage on one computer. You can usually drag and drop data and its almost always instantly available.

A portable external hard drive: Following hot behind the USB flash player are similarly sized items that use a portable hard drive instead of flash memory. Interestingly, these first few early models don't take full advantage of the biggest selling point of a hard drive over flash -- more capacity. Instead, these portable drives top out at 6-8GB at this point, better than flash memory but really not more than a compact flash memory card.

Top manufacturers are always evaluating new firewire and hard drive capabilities. Lacie firewire and Maxtor offer various options depending on your needs.



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