Expansion Options Exploding

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Expansion Options Exploding

Like the rest of the consumer electronic industry, digital storage has been undergoing an explosion of use powered by technology breakthroughs. It wasn't that long ago that muic fans had to carry portable CD players and dozens of CDs with them to listen to their music on the go. Today, entire music collections of thousands of songs fit on one iPod, along with hundreds of photos and hours of videos. Some more changes in external storage technology: * VCRs to DVRs that hold hundreds of hours of video on digital drives.

* 1.44 MB floppies to multi-MB CD and multi-GB DVD-ROMs.

* Giant cell phones with few features to mini smartphones with integrated PDAs, cameras and MP3 players.

All of these happen because of breakthrough technologies in external storage. External hard drives are smaller, faster and cheaper. Flash memory has added huge capacity increases. Even network attached storage (NAS hard drive) and RAID arrays are being adapted for home use. And did we mention that allows capacity increases up to and beyond 1TB?

Bottom line: Advances in digital storage technology have powered big changes in our lives already, and we're not near slowing down yet. There are so many new options that you should educate yourself about them and then decide what fits your needs.



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