Shopping for Hard Drives

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Shopping for Hard Drives

The first thing to think about when shopping for a new internal hard drive is capacity. After all, that's why you want a new internal hard drive in the first place, right? Go for the most capacity you can afford. It's better to have too much space on your internal hard drive than to not have space when you need it. Think about at least 250GB, more if you can afford it. You'll be happy later.
Next is rotational speed. This is how fast the internal hard drive reads and writes. It will make a big difference if you're doing multimedia or gaming. You want at least 7,200 RPM. Go for 10,000 RPM if you can afford it.
Interface speed, seek speed and buffer are really minor considerations.
In terms of actually shopping, this is something you can easily research and shop for completely online. Do some power searching, decide which make and model is right for you and then shop for the lowest price. Remember to add in tax and shipping charges, too, when making your final decision.



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