Do It Yourself?

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Do It Yourself?

So you've decided to purchase a new internal hard drive to upgrade your PC. Good plan. You'll have more capacity to do things like build an MP3 or video connection. Next question: How are you going to put it into your PC?
You need to think about a couple of important factors before attempting to install an internal hard drive in your PC:

* Where are you going to put it? If you have an open bay on your PC, you can add a second internal hard drive without disturbing the first one. If not, you're going to need to replace your current hard drive, which is much, much more complicated. This would involve backing up all your data and then formatting and removing the hard drive, before you can replace it with the new one and load your data back onto it.

* Do you have the skills to do this? Unless you're pretty good with computer hardware, DON'T TRY TO DO THIS AT HOME. Consider hiring a professional, especially if the replacement is going to involve backing up and offloading all of your valuable data. Don't take a chance here. Your information is way too valuable.

Bottom line: Unless you really know what you're doing, hire a professional to help you do the actual replacement or installation of the new drive.



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