Failure Happens: Prepare for It Now

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Failure Happens: Prepare for It Now

It happens. Internal hard drives fail. Newer internal hard drives are more reliable than older ones, but it can still happen. Here's what you can do to avoid having your internal hard drive fail and be prepared for if and when it does happen:

* Make sure the inside of your computer isn't too hot. Running a hot hard drive is a fast ticket to failure. Make sure your internal fan is working. You can even install an extra fan, if needed.

* Run a hard drive diagnostic tool regularly. Basic diagnostic tools come with Windows. You can purchase additional diagnostic tools online, often as part of a package with virus protection. Then set those tools to run regularly on an automatic basis.

* Back up your back-up. If you have a second internal drive, you are probably using it to perform automated back-ups, which is smart. But what if that drive fails? Back up your data to a removeable media like DVD-ROM on a regular basis as well.

Bottom line: Hard drives fail and yours might someday, too. You can prepare for the worst, though by making sure your PC isn't running too hot, and performing regular diagnostics and back-ups.



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