Do Your Research Before Buying

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Do Your Research Before Buying

If you've decided to go with an internal hard drive to expand the storage capacity of your PC, you have the folowing types to choose from:

SATA hard drives: SATA hard drives have emerged in two years to become the new standard for internal hard drives, replacing the PATA standard. SATA hard drives offer better performance through new engineering. Your PC must be SATA compliant.

PATA hard drives: PATA hard drives were the previous standard, slower than SATA but still very useable for most applications. You can still buy PATA hard drives, but most new machines use SATA hard drives.

SCSI hard drives: SCSI hard drives are by far the fastest hard drives, but can be expensive. They are used mostly for industrial and business applications where high performance is critical.

NAS hard drives: NAS (Network Attached Server) hard drives serve networks through a client-server protocol. Good for when data on one machine needs to be shared regularly with a group.

Bottom line: There are different types of internal hard drives available to meet different needs. Do your research before buying.



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