Converging on Your Hard Drive

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Converging on Your Hard Drive

Like most other digital storage options, internal hard drives are getting faster and bigger, storing more data for less cost than ever before. While internal hard drives are having less of a pop culture impact than iPods and the rest of their external cousins, internal hard drives are now offering the kind of capacity that can change the way people use computers.
What does this mean to you? It means you can live more of your life digitally than ever before. Your stereo, your typewriter, your VCR and your TV can all converge into your PC, with the capacity to store thousands of songs and hundreds of hours of TV or video.
Bottom line: Next time you're thinking about buying a new stereo, TV or VCR, think instead about a new internal hard drive and how that could help you listen to music or watch movies and shows directly on your computer.



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