More Powerful; Less Expensive

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More Powerful; Less Expensive

Like everything else in the computer hardware world, everything is getting cheaper and more powerful, opening up huge new options for consumers.
Digital storage advances are helping the long-awaited convergence of computer and TV to occur. Microsoft's new Vista operating system reportedly integrates DVR technology, allowing anyone to use their PC as a Tivo-like recording device.
Meanwhile, Microsoft is already in a pitched battle over the expected replacement for the DVD-ROM. There are two competing standards -- HD-DVD and Blu-Ray -- jockeying for position. And the expected replacement technology for those two is called the HVD, which would hold up to 1TB of data on a single disk.
The Terabyte -- 1,000 GB -- has also become the newest high-end hard drive capacity on personal computers. Just to put this into perspective, you could fit 200-plus standard DVDs into a 1TB disk.
Bottom line: Storage capacity is continuing to increase while it becomes less expensive, leading to new possibilities for average users. Even better, this high-capacity, low-price cycle is expected to continue for a while.



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