Store it Online

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Store it Online

With digital storage space more easily available and less expensive, another alternative for personal digital storage has emerged: online storage.
The easiest example of this are free Web email services being offered by tech giants like Google and Microsoft. For example, Google offers 2-plus MB of space to every customer. So you can easily keep an online archive of all your emails. You can even use the space as an FTP server. But this requires an unofficial hack and Google might not be so happy about it.
The next step is purchasing a Web storage account. Most major Web hosting companies will sell you a plan with 5-10GB of space for as low as $10 monthly. You still have to FTP back and forth, but it's your space to do whatever you want.
Finally, there are many companies out there that offer sophisticated online storage capabilities. When you sign up and pay, an online storage company will automatically back up everything in your account, with a new back-up made every time there's a change to the site configuration. These services are also getting cheaper and can be had for as low as $15 monthly. But large-scale applications with a lot of storage will cost hundreds monthly.
Bottom line: Online storage is becoming an increasingly viable option for personal computer users, as well as business users.



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