Cell phone memory future

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Cell phone memory future

The cell phone's future is easy: More memory in smaller packages = more phones with more capabilities sold to many more people. Just like today's cell phones would have seemed like space-age handsets to folks a decade ago, the same thing will likely happen a decade from now. Consumers are demanding more features -- high-resolution cameras, Web access, etc. And all of these features require more memory to make them happen.
A new technology that might make a big difference in cell phone capabilities is a new kind of RAM that will store data in magnetic fields. This will allow the data to stay in the memory even when the phone is shut off, which will help power consumption and data recall times.
So what does this mean to you, the average consumer? Stay the course. Remember that today's cutting-edge features become tomorrow's standards. So if you think you can't afford that fancy new camera phone or PDA-enabled smartphone now, just wait a while for the technology to move forward and the prices to come down.



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