Smartphones: Palm vs. Pocket PC

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Smartphones: Palm vs. Pocket PC

If your next cell phone purchase is going to be a smartphone, you'll be choosing between Palm and Pocket PC models. In many ways, this is very similar to choosing a PDA. You look at convenience, power, available software and memory.
In terms of memory/digital storage, you have two major points to consider. How much inboard memory does it have (RAM and ROM)? And what are its expansion capabilities?
Palm and Pocket PC have different memory structures. Basically, Pocket PC smartphones have more onboard memory than Palm. But the Palm OS is more efficient than Windows systems, and needs less RAM power to run efficiently. So it comes out a wash in terms of inboard memory.
In terms of memory cards, there's a similar argument. Virtually all smartphones have slots for memory expansion. Most Pocket PC smartphones use compact flash cards, while Palm smartphones use SD cards. So here, there's also no clear winner.
A new wrinkle -- Palm just put out the Treo 700W smartphone, which runs the Windows Mobile system, but as enhanced by the Palm design team. So this may offer the best of both worlds, but it's still early to tell.
Bottom line: In terms of digital storage and expansion, most Palm and Pocket PC smartphones are about equal in capabilities. So your final decision will probably be based on other factors.



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