Avoiding 'Out Of Memory'

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Avoiding 'Out Of Memory'

Besides buying expansion cards, there are some basic ways to avoid the dreaded "out of memory" errors that can bring your PDA use to a quick halt:

* Know how much memory your devices need. How much RAM do you have? What's in your expansion slot? If you start with 1 GB flash card in your expansion slot, you're setting yourself up well.

* Look for warning signs. Your PDA will let you know when memory is in short supply long before it shuts you down. Warning signs include the following: slow response time, frequent freezes or resets. Avoid a memory crisis by paying attention to these early warnings.

* Manage your tasks. If you start adding lots of new programs or data to your PDA, check to see how much RAM you are using. Even better, install the new programs on your expansion card.



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