Palm Versus Pocket PC

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Palm Versus Pocket PC

The choice of Palm vs. Pocket PC in the PDA world is even more confusing than the PC vs. Mac debate. PC won in the latter competition, even though the iPod has given Apple new life.
But Palm and Pocket PC are still battling it out for PDA supremacy. Palm was the early branding winner, but don't ever count out Microsoft in the long run.
In terms of storage capacity there are some differences:
* Palm PDAs are generally a little less expensive because they have slower processors and less RAM memory. But the Palm OS is very efficient and takes less power to run.
* Pocket PCs are usually mor expensive, and have faster processors. They need them because the OS has been less efficient than Palm and takes more power.
* Pocket PCs generally use compact flash expansion cards, while Palms usually use SD cards or MMC cards.
* Palm has the Lifedrive with a 4GB microdrive, but many Pocket PCs can use card-based microdrives, giving them similar capabilities.



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