PDA Storage Upgrades

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PDA Storage Upgrades

Newer PDAs have slots for expansion cards, usually Secure Digital (SD) cards, MMC cards, compact flash cards or Sony Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro Duo.
Expansion cards let you upgrade storage capacity for MP3s or digital photos. The cards also let users transfer MP3s or photos to desktop or laptop computers.
Or you can expand the number of programs the computer can hold by installing programs directly onto the card, where the PDA can access its functionality. There is still the same amount of total RAM space for making the programs function, but a lot more space -- up to 6 GB-8 GB, depending on the price of the card.
Bottom line: If you're shoping for a PDA, it's worth making sure it has an expansion slot (SD/MMC or compact flash). This will allow you to increase storage capacity of the PDA and run programs off the card.



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