Flash Drives Offer Versatility

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Flash Drives Offer Versatility

Flash drives are great for people who share computers or for students who need to carry computer files with them to the library or study hall. USB flash drives are very big in Asia, where many people still share computers. Other suggested uses include the following:

* In business, you can transfer files between work and home, or to a client's office.

* Music: You can hold hundreds, even thousands of MP3 files on a USB flash drive, depending on the size. You can even get thumb drives with MP3 players attached, so you can use the drive itself as a music player rather than transfering songs.

* Digital photo album: Put hundreds of photos or videos on a thumb drive and you have a digital scrapbook with you everywhere you go.

* Boot drives: Some systems allow you to boot from the USB drive. It can be handy to have boot data with you at all times in case of emergencies.

* Travel kit: Bring your favorite browser and email clients with you and run them off your flash drive. The Mozilla Firefox browser and Thunderbird email programs come in portable versions that will run off a portable USB flash drive.



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