Getting Photos Out of the Camera

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Getting Photos Out of the Camera

No matter what type of digital memory card your camera uses -- compact flash card, Memory Stick or SD card -- you're going to want a simple, efficient way to get photos out of the camera and into your desktop or laptop computer. Most digital cameras have USB connectors, and some newer ones work through wi-fi connections. But the most efficient way to move photos out of your camera is to remove the full memory card and plug it into a card reader connected to your computer. Many newer desktop or laptop computers have built-in card readers that can accommodate compact flash cards, Memory Stick duo pro or secure digital cards in one reader. If you do not have a built-in reader, you can usually purchase one for as low as $25. You can purchase a reader that reads multiple card types or one that works only with your current card type. Either way, you'll find downloading photos to be more efficient.



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