Online Options For Data Back-Ups

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Online Options For Data Back-Ups

You can do just about everything else online these days, so how about using it for digital memory and data back-up? Remember, tape back-ups, hard drives or even removeable media aren't going to do much good if everything is stored together and you have a disaster. For mission critical data storage, it needs be continuous and stored off-site. Online data back-up companies make these promises. Performing all their work over the Internet, these companies can back up your data as it changes, 24x7, and store it offsite at a secure data center. And unlike tapes, you can often access your data instantly through a web browser and an Internet connection. Of course this all depends on how much data you have, what type of program you purchase, and how much you want to spend. Still, it's another advance in digital memory storage and recovery that didn't exist just a few years ago. Online back-up service is only as good as the method used for data storage -- hard drive, removeable media, etc.
Bottom Line: Online data back-up and recovery can be an option, especially for mission-critical back-up services.



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