MP3: Greater Storage, More Possibilities

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MP3: Greater Storage, More Possibilities

Recent advances in digital storage technologies paved the way for the iPod-MP3 revolution, and have played a big part in changing the way the entire music industry looks at listening to and selling music. It used to be that portable music was only the radio. Then came tapes, then portable CD players. But when portable MP3 players and the iPod appeared on the scene just a few years ago, everything changed.
The iPod uses both hard drive and flash drive technology. The big iPods have up to 60GB capacity on their portable hard drives, making it possible to brings tens of thousands of songs with you everywhere you go. The smaller iPods use flash memory, with less capacity but more ability to stand up to rough wear.
Either way, the iPod and non-Apple MP3 players have changed music forever, allowing music fans to pack their entire collections onto one portable machine and then purchase new music directly through the Web.

Bottom line: New technologies have made it possible for iPods and other MP3 players to hold tens of thousands of songs, revolutionizing music and changing it forever.



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