Digital Memory Improves PC Hard Drives

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Digital Memory Improves PC Hard Drives

Only five years ago, PCs with 1GB internal hard drives were the cutting edge of digital memory technology for home PCs. Today, entry-level computers have 80GB hard drives while pro and gamer models have multiple 500 GB hard drives, bringing them over the TB (terabyte) level. The computers themselves are cheaper today as well.
Having virtually unlimited hard drive space -- at a lower per-GB cost than ever before -- has made it possible for consumers to use their PCs to store music, movies and videos like never before. Your PC, as a result, has more uses and space. PCs now are video recorders, music jukeboxes, and movie-editing terminals.

Bottom line: Advances in digital memory technology, combined with continue drop in prices, have made internal computer hard drives virtually limitless and opened up new possiblities for users.



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