Data Storage 101

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Data Storage 101

Not that long ago, digital memory used to be expensive because there were few options to choose from. Today, there are many. And the products have more memory, for less cost.
This is true for computer hard drives and external drives; portable flash memory-based products like MP3 players; and items that use digital memory cards, like digital cameras, cellphones and PDAs.
The result of this revolution in digital memory is an explosion in the use of computers and computer accessories with digital memory. The home computer used to be an office machine, used mainly for word processing or spreadsheets. Today, thanks to advances in digital memory, devices like digital cameras, cellphones, PDAs, DVRs and jump drives are making the home computer essential for home entertainment.
What does this mean for you? Freedom. Take your digital camera on vacation. Pop in a 1 GB card and you won't ever run out of space. Fill your iPod with all your music and take it with you wherever you go. Store hundreds or thousands of photos on your PC and then copy them onto DVDs. Use your computer like a DVR, and pause and record live TV.
These advances in digital memory mean new options for you like never before.



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